Tarin Davis

Daytona State College

What does liberation look like for you?

Liberation means the world to me. It means being able to exist in a world where my life and happiness are cherished rather than ignored. Liberation is being able to see young black trans children be able to exist freely. I want to see people like me survive. Easily. Freely.

What are your dreams for yourself and the Black Trans community?

I hope one day I can be a voice for young black trans girls like me to live freely and openly. I want to be able to write news stories, not about our deaths, but about our successes. I want there to be a world where black trans women are able to love and live openly, to be who they are, and take up the space they deserve.

Why should there be an increase in Black Trans representation within your chosen field?

Many times, Black Trans women's only noteworthy stories in many media outlets is their deaths. Black trans women deserve to be much more than a casuality on a chart. We deserve protection. We deserve love. And we deserve a voice. Letting young Black Trans girls like me be able to succeed and have their story shared to the world would be a lifesaver for so many. Seeing people like you make the world a better place would save the lives of so many girls like me.