Sir Cole

Vanderbilt University

What does liberation look like for you?

Having the funds, resources, community, and access to have a healthy and long life, freedom to create an educational model that’s decolonized and specifically for Black queer folx, breaking away from xtianity & returning to the spiritual tradition of our African & Enslaved Ancestors, free & inclusive healthcare, funds & time to rest & travel…just to name a few!

What are your dreams for yourself and the Black Trans community?

I want us to be healed from and be healers of toxic masculinity, to have the ease of accessing clothes & beauty items that’s not gendered, and for us to fully recognize the dope ass divinity that exists within our experiences.

Why should there be an increase in Black Trans representation within your chosen field?

Besides the fact that we’re Divine & sexy, & generally dope af, the cis hets are toxic af and have caused Black trans folx to die quicker - and I’m sick & tired of them telling my story wrong and making it impossible for me to live or have a legacy.