Cleveland State University

What does liberation look like for you?

Liberation for me, as a Djuka Maroon/Quilombo descendant, is Black folks coming together and building our own communities. We would put our funds together and buy acres of land so we can have our own child/healthcare, spiritual spaces, farms and schools/colleges. The communities would be ran by Black trans elders and youth. Disabled people would receive the best care. Black traditions from all over the diaspora would be taught and preserved by the community. I feel like this would be healing.

What are your dreams for yourself and the Black Trans community?

My dreams for myself and the Black Trans community is financial/housing stability, the agency/safety to navigate/present in the ways that we want and accessible healthcare. I dream of a day when Black women who are Trans aren't murdered. I want Black Trans children to be protectd/affirmed. I went through a violent birthing experience so I want Black Trans people to have more access to doulas, hospitals that aren't anti Black and for Black Trans parents and their babies to not die via birth

Why should there be an increase in Black Trans representation within your chosen field?

Not a lot Black folks are in anthropology. We need more Black Trans people so we can do more research on African/Black origins of Transness. You don't need a degree for that but it would be nice to have more of us in that field. Whiteness has taken up too much space in that field. It's time that we tell our own stories!