Brandeis University

What does liberation look like for you?

I mean, to me liberation is the ability to live how you want, regardless of what people around you do. I miss my family every day, but I will never return home after the things they’ve done, especially after I came out.

What are your dreams for yourself and the Black Trans community?

Historically, black trans people have made families in liu of not having blood families anymore. My dream is to educate black communities at large. I hope, with access to resources, I can create space for black trans people to have both blood, and chosen.

Why should there be an increase in Black Trans representation within your chosen field?

I’ve never met a transgender teacher. Never met a queer teacher. Until the 12th grade, I’d never had a black teacher. But with these degrees I could do that. I could make the teaching field one of more diverse representation, and change several POC children’s lives, both in the classroom and out of it.